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Ahli Baru
Ahli Baru

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PostSubject: INTERNET BLOGGING, BUSINESS ETC ETC   Sun Oct 02, 2011 1:34 am

Guys one thing for sure, if you are running an internet marketing/business or blogging (if you are associate with an affiliate members), you really need one thing that is TRAFFIC, without traffic it’s gonna worthless. I personally guarantee that you will feel very disappointed that your effort will be put to a waste. Studies have shown that out of 1000 online entrepreneur only 2-5 people will succeed. My personal advice is STOP DREAMING being an online entrepreneur unless you are willing to sacrifice your bloody time learning and research. You need a team to success. I repeat it once again YOU NEED TEAMWORK to SUCCESS. You can’t work alone. There are many areas that you really need to understand even before you see the word success. If you think that Im talking S!@# then I wish you the best of luck. Success is not an over night thing. Rome wasn’t built in a day. It took years. The bottom line is LEARNT, RESEARCH and TEAMWORK. If you study very closely, the top earners who earns millions doesn’t work alone, they work in team. The truth hurts. Honestly speaking I don’t earn as much as the big guns, but more than enough for me to have more quality time with my families. You need a proven system to work. If you don’t, get out of it!

There are some post that i have posted earlier which worked for me. Personally I have more than 600 websites, some makes more than the other. Thats business. Well some of my team mates have more than 2000 websites. I am not bragging but thats reality. Internet marketing is my full source of income. You have to be global.

There are 2 persons in ForumMelayuBoleh whom i have guided very closely via e-mail have seen “success”. Of course they were very very very very very skeptical in the beginning, yet I do admit it was never easy to convince them. It took them almost 1 to 2 months before they see real money coming in. Im not talking about thousands or millions, but the least in the hundreds range (USD). I did advice them to market it here, but they are reluctant maybe due to their personal reason. I wish i could name them over here, but i didn’t get their blessing. Ok folks thats about today. If you need help or assistant, send me an e-mail. Will reply as soon as i can. God Bless

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